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In dates 20-24.11 we organize online sessions of popularizations of mathematics: Podlasie Math Days 2020. The event is organized online for the first time. This gives us opportunity to transfer lectures in English to international space.
The program included lectures for university and high school students as for primary schools is indicated below.
Each lecture will have an open access link given, entry to the lecture at the indicated hours. At the end of each lecture, the instructor will conduct a short quiz, and we reward the best or fastest answers.

Lectures in English

First years of university and High schools

  • 20.11, hours: 10-11, Keystroke Dynamics and distance metrics, Patryk Milewski
    What is biometrics and is it possible to identify a person based on his way of typing? We’ll answer these questions!
  • 20.11, hours 11-12,  Mathematical modeling in cancer research, Ozlem Defterli
    In this lecture I will introduce the basics of cancer
    dynamics. We will try to understand together how mathematical tools can
    help us to understand and represent the biological mechanism of cancer.
  • 23.11.2020, hours: 14-15, An introduction to graphs and graph algorithms, Andrzej Zamora
    During the presentation we will learn what is a graph and we’ll get to know basic graph algorithms i.e. breadth-first search, depth-first search. 
  • 23.11, hours 16-17, Animals in optimization algorithms, Klaudia Dziedzic
    The presentation will describe optimization methods using the natural principles of animal life – ants, bees, fireflies, bats, wolves, cuckoos, and cockroaches. Each of the methods will be detailed by animal intelligence, the form of the cost function, and the principle of operation of the optimization algorithm.
  • 23.11, hours: 17-18 All combinatorics in one formula, Serge Lawrencenko
    It will be demonstrated that practically all combinatorics can be derived from Pólya’s enumeration theorem.
  • 24.11, hours: 12-13, About surface visualization in SURFER, Małgorzata Wyrwas
    The participants will be able to see that mathematical equations are not boring at all, and with their help one can visualize surfaces with interesting shapes that can be an inspiration for designers, computer graphic designers, architects. During the classes, examples of surfaces obtained with the Surfer program will be presented, including the equations of a lemon, a hat and other interesting surfaces.
  • 24.11 hours: 13-14, On an extraordinary event which happened in Kraków Planty Park 100 years ago, Krzysztof Ciesielski
    In October 2016 a bench with figures of two young men was unveiled in Kraków Planty Park. One mathematician, after a first look at the bench, commented: „It is obvious that they talk about mathematics”. Did they really talk about mathematics one hundred years ago? Who were these men? Why this talk appeard to be extremely important to world mathematics and
    Polish science? How this bench was created?
  • 24.11, hours: 14-15 Complex numbers and fractals, Zbigniew Bartosiewicz
    I will show how to pass from the sad one-dimensional world of real numbers to imaginary two-dimensional reality of complex numbers, where one can find square roots of negative numbers and fabulously colorful fractal dragons. Along the way we will learn how to compute powers of complex numbers and see where we will arrive, when we keep computing the powers to infinity.

Primary schools

  • 20.11, hours: 15-16  A short journey through the universe of mathematical games, Nuno Bastos, (from 6 years old) 
    In this session some mathematical games will be presented. It will also show how mathematics can be useful to obtain a winning strategy in some of them and you will try to find the best strategy to win the others…
    Each participant will need a tablet or computer to play.
  • 20.11, hours: 16-17 Mystery and Magic of Mathematics, Nuno Bastos, (from 10 years old)
    This will be a session of math, mystery, and magic. Wonderful math tricks and some tricks explanations abound: the session will be filled with magical mathematics and mathematical magic.
    If you have something to write with, something to write on and a deck of playing cards, you are prepared to start a mathematical adventure — you will come out smarter, wiser, and happier!